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Jacqueline Salit Jacqueline Salit Independents Rising, by Jacqueline Salit
Jacqueline Salit Jacqueline Salit Independents Rising
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New York Times, “Can the States Save American Democracy?” (8/20/16)

Arizona Republic, Proposals Seek to Upend Arizona Election System” (1/21/16)

KSHB, “The 43%: Americans move away from Democratic, Republican parties, instead identifying as Independent” (1/14/16)

Arizona Horizon,  “Nonpartisan Voting” (6/9/2015)

The Post, “Are Voting Rights for All?  Let’s Ask Hillary” (7/20/15)

The Gazette, “Give Independent Voters an Equal Say” (7/18/15)

Waco Tribune Herald, “Hillary Clinton Hardly a Champion of Voting Rights” (7/17/15)

Arizona Republic, Are Voting Rights for All Voters? Let’s Ask Hillary (6/27/15)

IVN,  Independent-Minded Leaders Focus on Fixing American Politics (3/30/15)

CSPAN, Coverage of the 2015 National Conference of Independents -Partnerships for Independent Power (3/14/15)

  • Part I – Overview of the independent political movement by Jackie Salit
  • Part II – Can Democracy Transform Social Crisis?
  • Part III – Can we Make Political Reform Popular with the American People?
Politico, “Inside Conservatives’ Fight to Close GOP Primaries” (2/9/15)USA Today, “Independent campaign Roils Kansas Race” (10/16/14)

The Oregonian, “Oregon Open Primary Measure Important Part of National Movement” (8/16/14)

Arizona Capital Times, “As More Independents Vote in Primaries, GOP Eyes Closing Them” (8/4/14)

Huffington Post, “A Multiple Independent Discovery”, co-authored with Steve Peace. (3/5/14) 

KJZZ 91.5 fm,  “Here and Now with Steve Goldstein”  (2/5/14)

ABC – 7, Bangor, MN (10/1/13)

WZON 620 am, “The Pulse with Don Cookson” , Bangor, ME  (9/30/13)

Wisconsin Public Radio, “The Kathleen Dunn Show” (9/11/13)

The Daily Beast, “Obama Electoral Commission Omission: Our Voting System needs Real Reform” (9/29/13)

Associated Press, “Independent Voter Group Challenges Democrats’ Closed Primary Suit” (7/10/13)

New York Times, “One Candidate, 2-3 Ballot Lines: A Bid to Alter Practice Stirs Debate” (4/19/13)

CSPAN, “Jackie Salit on Independent Voters” (2/25/13)

WNYC, “Carrion Endorsement Sets up Possible 3-Way Race” (2/20/13)

New York Times, “From the Bronx, Planning a Long-Shot Run for Mayor” (2/18/13)

Wall Street Journal, “Carrion Contends for Independence” (1/3/13)

TED x New England, Reimagining America (10/24/12)

PBS Arizona Horizon, VOTE 2012 – Independent Voters (10/16/12)

Random Musings, Two Pro Prop 121 Events this Week (10/15/12)

Saratoga Wire, Author on Independent Politics coming to Saratoga (10/2/12)

Arizona Republic, “Who are the Independents?” (9/28/12)

 Arizona Republic, “Arizona Independents face long odds in getting on the ballot” (9/27/12)

IVN, “Livingroom Conversations and Changing the Political Culture” (9/25/12)

University City Review, “Third Parties and Their Struggle” (9/12/12)

Arizona Republic, “Independent Voters are a Growing Part of Arizona’s Electorate” (8/28/12)

The Jim Bohannon Radio Show – Select August 15th, advance to 43:00 minutes into the program (8/15/12)

Culture Shocks w/ Barry Lynn  (8/20/12)

Tropical Currents w/ Joseph Cooper (8/20/12)

Fox & Friends (8/10/12)Jackie Salit on CSPAN

Politics for the People w/ Cathy Stewart and former Congressman Mickey Edwards, C-SPAN (4/27/12)

Amsterdam News, Castillo’s Sally and Tom is excellent theater. (2/29/12 – 4/4/12)

EURweb – People of Note, Sally and Tom at Castillo Theater (2/28/12)

Theatermania – Ava Jennings, Adam Kemmerer to Star in Castillo’s Sally and Tom (The American Way) (2/15/12)

Capital Live, Independence – Live: Jackie Salit Plays James Madison in Fred Newman Play, (2/13/12)

The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents by Linda Killian (St. Martins), (1/17/12)

Sonoran News – Independents named to Arizona Elections Procedures Review Committee, (6/1/11)

CNN online, 10 things Republicans must do in 10 weeks, (8/24/10)

ABC News, Independents Rule New Hampshire (6/4/2007)

CNN Online – Wedge issues divide politicians from independents – CNN.com (8/20/10)

NY Post – Mike Mystery Money Went to Key Elex Aide, (1/30/10)

U.S. News and World Report – Fear Strikes the Take Back America Conference: Will Bloomberg do a Nader to Democratic hopes for 2008? (6/24/07)

CNN American Morning (online) – Americans overcome divisiveness, (11/11/09)

Kansas City Star – “” Both parties feel independents’ wrath , (11/7/09)

New York Daily News – It’s one last round of Sunday stumping for Mayor Bloomberg, Thompson, (11/2/09)

AM New York – Bloomberg picks up IP support, April 7, 2009

New York Times – Bloomberg Is Endorsed by Independence Party, April 6, 2009

NY Observer, Bloomberg not ‘Chasing Windmills Again’ for Nonpartisan Elections

Reuters, NY Mayor Bloomberg to get minor party’s backing, (4/3/09)

New York Times, Independence Party Appears Ready to Endorse Bloomberg, (3/27/09)

New York Times, Mayor’s Campaign to Woo Independence Party is Close to Paying Off, (3/27/09)

Ballot Access News, Mayor Bloomberg Settles Differences with N.Y. City Independence Party, (3/27/09)

Wilkes Barre Times Leader, Neither here nor there, (11/15/09)

New York Times, In Reversal, Mayor Now Woos Political Parties, (2/19/09)

Kansas City Star, Both parties feel independents’ wrath, (11/08/09)

New York Times, Bloomberg Could Be Independent or Independence Candidate, (10/3/08)

Declaring Independence: The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System by Doug Schoen (Random House) (2/5/2008)

Boston Globe, Odds bleak for third-party candidates, (6/21/07)

The Daily News, Mayor Hires Indys To Hunt Volunteers – New York Daily News, (1/5/05)

NY Daily News, Fulani’s Party To Tab Mike – New York Daily News, (5/27/05)

NY Post,  Mike & Freddy Hit the Town, (11/6/05)

Newsday, Party’s Declaration of Independents (11/5/05)

New York Times, Independence Party Gives Bloomberg It’s Support, (5/29/05)

Star Tribune, Fledgling Patriot Party is out looking for a leader, (5/20/95)

New York Times, Bloomberg Criticizes Parties in Bid for Independence Line, (5/29/05)

New York Times, Mayoral Ally Stands by Her Remarks About Israel, (4/15/05)

New York Times, Democrats Attack Bloomberg Over His Ties to the Independence, (6/4/05)

New York Times, Mayor Denounces Ally’s Remark on Israel, (4/16/05)

New York Times, Crown Hts. Racial Troubles on Stage, (12/10/98)

Joplin Globe, Election experience turns into bills, (2/19/07)

NY Post, Fulani eyes mayor run, (8/9/07)

The Union Leader, Independent voters discuss changes to political process, (10/16/07)

Crain’s New York Business , Government Alert: Workers’ comp rate hike recommended, (5/23/05)

NY Sun, AcceptingIndependence Party Endorsement Harder Than Getting It, (5/11/05)

NY Sun, Mayor Is ‘Proud’ To Stand With Fulani, (12/3/04)

NY Sun, Mayor AcceptsIndependence Party Award But Maintains Distance, (12/5/04)

Daily Gazette, Perot Supporters, Blacks Could Form Basis For National Third Party, (10/16/94)

Knight Ridder Tribune, Ralph Nader Should be Included in the Debates (9/25/04)

The Washington Times,  Political magazine courting independents by Steve Miller  (5/30/04)

 Los Angeles Times, Independents day is here for new magazine owner by David Shaw (5/23/04)

New York Times Metro Briefing, New Magazine for Independents  (7/21/04)

Folio First Day,  An Indie Mag for Indie Voters (3/17/04)

Empire Page, The New Nader, (5/20/04)

The Arizona Republic, Dems Must reach out to Independent Voters, (10/9/03)

New York Times, Party Assigns Itself Blame Over Inaction On Charter, (8/31/02)

New York Times, Political Party of Outsiders has Come in from the Cold, (8/27/02)

New York Times, With No Party to Call His Own, Golisano Bids for Ballot Spot,(7/29/02)

NY Post, Extremist Pol’s Shadow World, (6/22/02)

NY Post, Mike Shows Independence in backing Senate Candidate, (2/9/02)

USA Today, Ventura’s exit seen as blow to minor parties (6/20/02)

Stateline.org, Green’s California Assembly Victory: Anomaly or Start Of Trend? (4/16/99)

NY Post, Mike raps ‘backer’ Fulani’s message, (9/20/01)

Daily Gazette, Pataki, (10/16/94)

Boston Globe, Fringe candidates put frustration on the ballot Choices… (10/31/92)

Salon, Not standing Pat – Republican Party, (10/25/99)

New York Times, Crown Hts Racial Troubles Onstage, (12/10/98)

Buffalo News, Parties in State are in Disarray, (12/27/94)

Los Angeles Times, It’s Raphael’s Patriotic Duty to Tell, (6/20/92)

Los Angeles Times, Fringe Party Wins Funds, If Not Voters Politics: New…, (2/23/92)

The Dallas Morning News, Ragsdale Considers Vice Presidential Slot, (8/5/88)