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Independents Rising: Outsider Movements, Third Parties, and the Struggle for a Post-Partisan America 

Talk/Talk: Making (Non) Sense of an Irrational World


Gamechangers? Independent Voters May Rewrite the Political Playbook,” Contributing Resource.  (October 2017)

Finding Otherness: A Blueprint for an Independent Conversation about 2020” (June 2017)

Opinion Pieces

IVN, “3 Indisputable Reasons the Two-Party System is Failing America” (11/

IVN, “The Neo-Independent: Making Sense of the Senseless” (10/11/17)

IVN, “Looking to 2020: A Battle Plan for Independents and Reforms” (6/12/17)

Huffington Post, “My Farewell to Obama” (1/17/17)

Huffington Post, “Revolts, Reforms and Divides: An Independent Look at the 2016 Presidential Elections” (11/21/16)

Huffington Post, “How the Three B’s: Bernie, Barak and Bloomberg Abandoned the Political Revolution” (8/10/16)

Huffington Post, “Bernie we’re in a Bind: An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders from Jacqueline Salit” (2/25/16)

Huffington Post, “Bernie Should Fight for Independent Voters” (2/4/2016)

Huffington Post, “Mother Hillary and Uncle Bernie: A Theatrical Review” (10/19/15)

Huffington Post, “Trumps Non-Loyalty Oath: The Question of Independents” (8/11/15)

Arizona Republic, Are Voting Rights for All Voters? Let’s Ask Hillary (6/27/15)

The Oregonian, “Oregon Open Primary Measure Important Part of National Movement” (8/16/14)

Huffington Post, “A Multiple Independent Discovery”, co-authored with Steve Peace. (3/5/14) 

The Daily Beast, “Obama Electoral Commission Omission: Our Voting System needs Real Reform” (9/29/13)

Does Romney get Independents? Newsday (9/24/12)

Unconventional Times, Huffington Post (9/17/12)

On Behalf of The Independents, National Constitution Center, Constitution Daily (8/8/12)

Independents Rising: Third Party Politics in America (EXCERPT), Huffington Post (8/6/12)

What went wrong with the third party movement in 2012?Sun Sentinel (7/10/12)

Ruy the Day!  Huffington Post, (3/15/12)

Did Independents Make a Mark in Iowa?  Huffington Post  (1/5/2012)

How Obama can be a Nonpartisan PresidentHuffington Post, (7/18/11)

Washington Should Not forget the Independents, Huffington Post, (7/18/11), Des Moines Register(7/22/11)

What Obama’s tax package meant to independentsHuffington Post (12/8/2010)

And Now, a Word from Independents –  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2/13/10)

The Parties are over, Newsday, (10/31/10)

Serious as a Heart Attack: the Independents Story, Rapid City Journal (10/16/09)

The right to be independent is at issueHuffington Post, (7/15/2010)

Move On, MOveonHuffington Post, (6/1/2010)

Independents see through Washington’s magic showHuffington Post, (2/20/10)

Swing to the left: new progressives, Pueblo Chieftan (1/17/10)

NY Times, Letter to the editor co-authored with Harry Kresky, (12/29/09)

How the Independent Movement Went Left by Going Right, Huffington Post, (1/2/09).

Don’t confuse ‘tea partyers’ with independents, Christian Science Monitor, (2/16/10)

Independents Adding Sway To Swing?, Black Star News, (1/23/07)

Third Party Candidate a Threat, Contra Costa Times, (6/21/95)

Exclusion Aims to Destroy Third Party Momentum, Lexington Herald-Leader, (9/26/04)

Howard Dean’s game, The Washington Times, (8/6/03)

Pols ignore independents at their peril, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, (1/6/03)

NonpartisanCityElections, Daily News, (7/18/02)

Tom Golisano is a One-Man Political Machine, Newsday, (6/13/02)

The Two Big Parties have Have Had it, Newsday, (12/16/02)

The Emerging Independent Plurality, Seattle Post–Intelligencer, (12/17/02)

Nonpartisan Elections? New York Times, (8/31/02)

Fear and Loathing on the Left, Antiwar.com, (2/15/0)

Appeal to Independents Key to ClintonVictory, The Post Standard, (4/6/00)

Muck and Mire (letter to the editor), The New Republic, (1/17/00)

Tumult on the Left and Right, San Francisco Examiner, (1/2/00)

Reform the Left: Liberals missed the third-party revolt, The Washington Times, (11/19/99)

Independence Makes Bloomberg’s Day, Newsday, (11/14/01)

Buchanan Fights for New Life, San Francisco Chronicle, (10/7/99)

The Reform Party wild card, Christian Science Monitor, (9/7/99)

Third Parties Show us the Money, San Francisco Chronicle, (8/10/99)

Following the election-money trail, Detroit Free Press, (7/26/99)

Can democracy cure violence?, Gun Week, (7/20/99)

Voters must safeguard their democracy, Times Union, (5/26/99)

The Left Has to Quit Democratic Party, Newsday, (4/1/99)

Breaking Bread with the Devils of Politics, Newsday, (10/3/99)

Bringing on New Players, Legal Times, co-authored with Harry Kresky, (4/28/97)

What’s gone wrong with America?, The Atlanta Constitution, (4/8/97)

Somewhere, the rainbow’s over, The Washington Times, (4/2/99)

Democrats should beware of election results, Newsday, (11/18/98)

The numbing of America– by Insider Politics, The Christian Science Monitor, (3/25/97)

Third party more about reform than Ross Perot, USA TODAY, (6/4/96)

Perot Supporters, blacks could form basis for national third party, The Sunday Gazette, (10/16/94)